Come and Join the club.
Everyone is welcome.


To join or to discuss joining please contact us or come and see us on any weekend.

We welcome model flyers from all backgrounds and levels of experience. In particular we welcome complete novices who express a keen desire to learn to fly and eventually joining the club.




Full calender year membership:
Adult: £100   Under 18s: £40


Half calendar year membership:
Adult: £60   Under 18s: £25


Family of members – full year:
Adult: £50   Under 18s: £30


Family of members – half year:
Adult: £30   Under 18s: £20


Initial joining Fee:


BMFA Membership 2019:
Adult: £38   Under 18s: £17

Family discounts also apply.


Aircraft storage in our on-site hangar:
£50 per year


Unlimited tea and coffee:

£2 per day





Membership at North London Flyer MFC entitles you to a great amount of benefits. Unlimited use of our runway from 10am till dusk on every Saturday and Sunday of the year; access to all of our flight set-up tables and club house facilities including gas, electricity and tap-water, toilets, and our club webcam. You'll also have unlimited flying talent around you should you need it with advice and help with flying or what kit to buy. We can teach you to fly if you are a beginner and get you on the way to becoming a confident and safe flyer.





All members will be required to have an active BMFA membership and soon will need to be registered with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). We can guide you through this should you need help, it is very simple.


Whilst we encourage members to go on and take their (A) and (B) certificates, it is not a requirement of the club that you have these in order to fly solo at the club. Experienced flyers who join the club or visit as a guest, are required to perform a check flight with the SO (safety officer) or the CFI (chief flying instructor) and if deemed competent will then be cleared to fly solo.


Please note: New members are only permitted to fly fixed-wing aircraft. A minimum of two years membership is required to fly drones and helicopters.





Learning to fly is a serious business and safety is of paramount importance, but we do try to make it fun at the same time. Using the buddy box system where the instructor can regain control of a model at a flick of a switch makes it a very safe system and will ensure that you get to go home at the end of the day with your pride and joy intact, well (most of the time anyway).


In addition, we also provide 'come and try sessions' on our club trainer (The Ready 2) for people who want to have a go at flying before they commit to the expense of buying a model and necessary gear.





To join or to discuss joining please contact us or come and see us on any weekend.







Holly Hill Farm, The Ridgeway, Enfield, Middlesex, EN2 8AN